Whether acquired for yourself or a special recipient, the Model OB-SH Antique Electric Meter Lamp will instantly
become the center of attention wherever it is displayed. Brightly-polished, working meter components encased within
the wing nut-affixed, crystal clear meter cover glass lend a distinctive olden-days aura to this special restoration. It will
be admired and appreciated by all.

        A three-way socket affords a selection of three lighting levels (with three corresponding meter recording speeds),
making the Model OB-SH suitable for most general-purpose lighting applications.


Additional features:   ( x - denotes features exclusive to the OB-SH)
                                          ( c - denotes features common to all OB-series restorations)

x - Solid brass, three-way socket provides three different corresponding meter recording speeds.
x - Homespun, styrene-backed linen shade with dark brown trim enables Lamp to fit in well in
     most settings.
x - Can also be operated by means of a second, line cord on/off switch.
c - Jeweled mechanical meter movement for long operating life.
c - Optical-polishing of meter cover glass removes decades of accumulated 
     scratches, haze, and embedded mineral stains, providing exceptional
     clarity for viewing the internal meter recording mechanism.

c - Included are three copper-wire, pressed lead wing nut security seals, just like the power company originally
to thwart tampering. Pressed-lead seals are coated in clear metal lacquer to prevent oxidation.
c - Precision-cut, hand-finished, solid walnut woodwork.
c - Wedge-mounted interior brass plate is informatively engraved "Residential Electric Meter, Circa 1920".
c - Shown here with a second, optional brass plate affixed to the front of the lamp base........
c - The meter manufacturer's original data plate, displaying an individually stamped meter serial number, is
     clearly visible through the front meter glass.
c - Each lamp is individually signed beneath the base by the assembling skilled craftsman.
c - No two meters are exactly alike.
c - Proudly restored and assembled in the U.S.A.
c - Partly degaussed meter brake magnet provides additional meter animation.
c - Safe for use around computers and magnetic storage media.
c - Information packet included.
c - Full product warranty covers both buyer and recipient.

The model OB-SH Antique Electric Meter Lamp is a museum-piece-quality classic electrical instrument, and a
true surviving relic of the electrical industry's early, formative years.

General Specifications:
-  Instrument:  Westinghouse Electric Mfg. type OB watt hour meter, patented 1911-1919
-  Overall height: 24 in. (61 cm)
-  Base diameter:  9-1/2 in. (24.13 cm.)
-  Net weight:  approx. 10 lbs. (4.54kg)
-  Shipping weight:  21 lbs. (30 lbs. UPS oversize parcel rates apply) (49 lbs. dimensional weight applies for UPS air)
-  Energy requirements: 115V, 50/60 HZ AC
-  Energy consumption:  Bulb - Variable (3-way).   Meter - 1-1/2 watts
Pat. No. Des. 252,831

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